Monday, February 7, 2011

Road Trip From LA to Atlanta!

Since about November we have know moving to Atlanta for 4 months for Spencer to work on a TV show was a possibility.  We found out he for sure got the job on Monday, January 24, packed up, said goodbye to our friends and hit the road around 3:30 am Sunday, January 30.  We made it to El Paso around 4-5ish and stayed the night there.  Then we left around 5am with the plan of staying the night with Spencer's brother Chad and his wife Carla, but on the way we heard about a big ice storm coming!  So we ate dinner and headed to Mansfield.  But of course Carla got a picture of us before we left.

 About 2 hours after we arrived in Mansfield, the ice came in and stayed around for 4 days!  We had fun watching movies, HGTV, CSI, and sliding around outside on the ice.
 Me and Baxter

After we left Mansfield for Tyler to stay the night on Friday (around 1:00pm, thinking the ice on the highways would be melted) we made it past 635 on I20 and the highway turned into a BIG sheet of ice.  For some reason our car could NOT catch any friction like the other cars so we were stuck there (in the left lane) from 4:00 to 6:00.  By 6 the wrecker we had called around 5:30ish got there.  By this time more and more people were slipping and sliding past us.  We were supposed to meet Spencer's dad in Tyler but we all ended up staying in a hotel in Terrell that night...good choice.  Some visuals for you :)  The pictures are kind of blurry because it was SO cold and I was shivering!
 We helped create this traffic.
 YAY Tow Truck!!

The next day we hung around Terrell until noon, ate and were hoping the rest of our trip to Atlanta would be smooth sailing...and Thank the Lord it WAS!  We got to stop in Tuscaloosa, AL to see Marland, Denise, Ginny, Marissa and Cindy (my cousins).  We ate a quick and yummy Arby's meal and then finished the rest of our trip.  We arrived in Atlanta around 2:30am.  We will be staying with Spencer's mom for 4 months.

Thank goodness we are finally done with this trip!  The final mile count:
Love and Miss :)


  1. Yuck! Hate that y'all got stuck! Glad you made it safely tho. Loved seeing y'all...hope it's longer in June! :)

  2. Go back to paragraph number found out on Feb. 24th he got the job??? Today is the 8th ; )

  3. Loved seeing you guys too Carla! I hope it is too!!

    Thanks Chris...Next time a last name would be nice ;)

  4. So exciting! I'm going to need your new address :)