Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Friends and New Places

Hello All!

Finding a church home was one thing about moving out to LA I was worried about.  Spencer had visited a church called Reality LA before I moved out here and he liked it.  Then I was VERY different from Mansfield CoC.  But it has been growing on me.  Especially since we have joined what they call Community Group which is a bible study.  They have them all over Los Angeles.  We have both been making some friends and it is making being out here in LA feel more like home.  I have discovered that California does have some friendly people!

Today one of my new friends, Annie, took me hiking.  She went easy on me seeing as how I am VERY out of shape.  But I think I did alright.  I have a goal set to hike up this really tough part of the mountain one day, and I will do it!  We went to Runyon Canyon and it is what Annie said is "THE Hill" of the famous hill you hear about when referring to LA.  You can see all of Los Angeles from where we were (pretty much) and it was very cool! We ended the morning with a coffee (well, she had coffee and I had a lemonade) at Aroma which is a very cute coffee place.

My new friend Annie.  The little white strip WAY back there
is the Hollywood sign.

The other side of the view...I think Beverly Hills is somewhere down there.

Yay new friends!

Love and Miss Yall!

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  1. Yay new friends is right...they make everything better! So excited you got to get out! Looks like a lot of fun. :)