Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Hello all!

I just wanted to share our Christmas decorations with you guys!  There isn't much but it will do!

Here is the $20 6ft tree we got at Walgreens!   We also 
got the blue lights there too! 
We went on Black Friday with coupons to Micahel's and
 got the big bow on top, and the 6 big poinsettia flowers.  It was 
a lot cheaper than doing ornaments.  We did revieve an "Our First Christmas"ornament as a wedding gift from Christy Harris :)and it is hanging in the living room!
 Then we have the white lights hanging around the living room.
Those will stay up all year round :)

Not much, but it works just fine in our little apartment!  

Love and Miss.

PS.  If you haven't heard of, you should check it out.  It is kind of like, but you can type in any song you want to hear and listen to it!  Pretty Cool.

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