Friday, November 26, 2010

President George W. Bush on Jay Leno

I found out George Bush was going to be on Jay Leno and immediately went online and requested tickets for that day.  The next morning I got the email that we get to go!!  YAY!  So we got there about 2ish hours early and waited in line in our Texas gear (I wore my Rangers jersey and Spencer had on a longhorns shirt).  We were towards the back half of the middle of the line but were excited about being there anyways.  After we went through security we were in holding and then finally got to go in.  As we went in you have to hand your ticket to a lady and she will tell you to go straight or go upstairs.  We were told to go straight along with another couple (who were on their honeymoon) and wait for a section with 4 seats to open.  They told us to go in and what do ya know, we got sat in the FRONT ROW!!!  IT WAS AWESOME!!  We were also seen on TV as seen below :
(courtesy of Carly Skinner.)
We are the ones in the red and green ;)
Cameras weren't allowed in the studio but I imagine I would have taken a picture that looks like this:
George Bush is a great guy with an awesome sense of humor who can make fun of himself and admit his mistakes, whether or not you agree with his politics or not.

Love and miss you all!! :)

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  1. I watched it that night and I was so excited to see you guys! What a cool experience!! One more perk of living in LA!! I hope everything is going well!!