Friday, October 1, 2010

Sweet Hubby

After being out here a month, I still have my moments of homesickness, big moments.  But luckily I have an amazing husband who takes care of me.  Yesterday on his way home from work he stopped and got me roses. :)  Very sweet surprise.
I wish I could post the smell on here too because they smell great!

Some things that I miss back at home are (in no particular order)
1.)My Puppies
and Baxter

2.)My Family

(including Brandon)

3.) My Friends

(and many more sweet friends that I miss, I just don't have pictures)

4.) This look my Dad gives
5.) Mansfield Church of Christ and ALLL the People There
6.)Chicken Express and Their DELICIOUS Sweet Tea
7.) Mom's Burnt Cookies
8.) Green Left Arrows (not many of those around here)
9.) Fast Forwarding Through Commercials
10.) Texas Period
There is so much more that I miss, but I will stop here for now.  

Happy October!

Love and miss you all!

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