Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lucy Girl

Well, not too many exciting things to report from this past week.  I do have an interview to volunteer at Ronald McDonald House tomorrow.  :)  Yesterday Spence and I went to see Life As We Know cute, go see it.

One thing I really miss is having a dog...especially my three crazy dogs back in Texas.  Lucy is my puppy specifically and I was looking through the pictures on my phone the other day and found all these pictures of her sleeping in some funny, unusual positions.  I thought I would share.  :)  ENJOY! (Just a warning, there is a lot :)

She woke up and caught me 

Sleeping with her mouth open: 

Side 1: 
Side 2: 

I found these too, just thought they were cute enough to share :)
Her first car ride, this is when we picked her up 
 Guess she wanted to go shopping
 I was looking for her to put in her bed before I went to 
school one day and this is where I found her.  Guess she didn't 
want me to go.

 Her snuggie (It's actuall my Mom's, she is in the arm...she did this all by herself!)

 In her winter sweater 
She either sits when she eats...
Or squats.
   Just chillin.
 They were waiting for us to put the dirty dishes in so they could
"help clean".

Miss my Lucy girl! 

Love and miss you all!


  1. Haha my favorite is the one where she is literally sleeping on her face! So cute.