Sunday, September 26, 2010

Life When Spencer is at Work

Hello All!

While I am not looking for a job, and Spencer is at work life gets pretty boring.  I decided I will share with you what I do.

Facebook, school work, talk or text on the phone, play games on the ipod touch, have Glee marathons, read and play Super Nintendo.  Exciting life huh?  There is also an occasional trip to Target or the grocery store.  But I don't like driving here, people don't follow the rules of the road, AND there are hardly any green arrows!  It's a whole different world here. has also become a great friend seeing as how we don't have cable, I just listen to much and do the dishes, straighten up, etc.  The Ingrid Michaelson station is the best.

The particular book I am reading right now (because Norm wants me to) is called Have a New Husband by Friday by Dr. Kevin Leman.  He pretty much directs it towards people who have been married 5+ years, but reading it as a newlywed is a great learning experience and is pretty much teaching me how to live with a guy and how I should react to certain situations and just realizing that men and women are completely different in all aspects of your day to day lives.  But if any of you tell my dad I am finding it useful I will not be happy.  ;)  Spencer already read it so I guess it's my turn.  Once I read that I have a couple of Dr. Paul Ekman books waiting to be read.  

I have a group interview at Pier 1 on Thursday.  Prayers are greatly appreciated on the job search.  :)

Love and Miss you all!


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